Natural blood glands

Natural blood glands
Unfortunately, natural blood extracts do not find much benefit in science and research. On the other hand, preferably, as described above with goji berries, to warn patients that they thin the blood against natural anticoagulants and inhibit their consumption.

This is unfortunate. Certainly, you can naturally dilute the blood and, therefore, improve your health significantly without having to anticipate serious side effects.

However, as there are still no studies on the mechanism of action Gethealthyfreedom and the correct dose of foods that thin the blood, its objective consumption is officially reserved only for prevention.

For the same reason, we can not provide specific dosing information. Discuss it with your doctor or a general practitioner in the case of dietary supplements and medicinal plants. Even pharmacists are now open, especially if a wide range of natural treatments are offered at the corresponding pharmacy.

The thinning of blood, prophylactic and dietary supplements, according to various studies conducted in recent years, include, among others, the following:

Nato / Natocinase
The cinnamon
Omega-3 fatty acids
Nettle and basil
Dark chocolate
The following foods (and many others) may also act as natural anticoagulants, but are not described below. For onions, red wine extract and ginseng, you can follow the link for more information:

The onions
Red wine extract
Tomato (Lycopene)
In 2006, California scientists showed a significant reduction in blood coagulation and blood viscosity through the enzyme nattokinase in a laboratory test. Natokinase is derived from fermented soybeans and is highly effective (anticoagulant).

Therefore, some manufacturers were also enthusiastic because Natocinase is a normal anticoagulant and can dissolve blood clots at any time, which, of course, has stopped very quickly. After all, supplements may not be Gethealthyfreedom announced with specific “health claims”, whether the statement is fixed or not.

However, in another study, this time in humans (double blind and placebo controlled), the effect of diluting the blood of the soy enzyme was confirmed. A Japanese study in 2015 of 12 healthy young people showed an improvement in fibrin after a dose of nattokinase, which means that nattokinase has improved the body’s ability to break blood clots on its own.

However, nattokinase is an isolated enzyme, so there are no more natural foods, therefore, possibly at the wrong dose, too (like the fluidity of medical blood) leads to excessive hyperlipidemia.

However, in this context, only case reports are known in which patients concerned about nattokinase have not only taken nattokinase, in addition to drugs that weaken their blood.

As with goji berries, it is unfortunate that not only have you administered nattokinase alone and not at the same time an anticoagulant medication. Based on the INR measurement, the nattokinase effect was easily verified. On the other hand, even in the case of nattokinase, it is strongly recommended not to ingest, like this one. For example, in the medical edition of Lightning 2 of 2011.

If you want to eat Nattokinase in natural foods, you may come up with the idea of ​​eating Natto, a traditional Japanese dish made from fermented soy, which is available in some Asian stores. The taste, however, takes a while to get used to.

In addition, NATO is relatively rich in vitamin K; Vitamin K (high doses) is considered a discount for anticoagulants. Therefore, it is better to resort to the purification of vitamin K Natu Natinazin.

Another enzyme of thin blood is the nattoquinasa and the bromelain of the pineapple:



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