6. Incense essential oil.

6. Incense essential oil.
It has been used for Ayurveda, the traditional healing art of India, for approximately 5000 years. The incense essential oil has a strong anti-inflammatory effect, which is very appreciated in skin care, skin, skin rejuvenation and cell regeneration, so anti-aging anti-wrinkle skin care must not be lacking.

7. Yilang Yilang Yilang Oil
The name “Yilang Lilang” means “Flower of Venus”. The manufacturer may condemn this name to its perfumed perfume. Yilang Yilang oil has a strong effect on concentration and balance. It also has a balancingĀ Trialix effect on female hormones, which in turn support the youthful appearance of our skin. In addition, they are skin care, regulate the activity of the sebaceous glands and provide hydration to the skin.

8. Grapefruit essential oil.
This oil from the Citrus family is refreshing and refreshing. In addition, the secretion of skin and tissues is considered, so they are also used in the care of beauty, apparently with a related effect. Because the American scientist Dr. Hersh discovered that women who smelled like grapefruit were on average six years smaller than they really were.

Essential oils anti aging – application.
How can essential oils be used so that they can significantly transfer their anti-aging effects?

Some essential oils can be used neatly, and others should be used diluted. It always depends on a single essential oil. So you can z. B. Incense or lavender oil, bitter oil, carrot seed oil or ylang ylang without any problem, because it is very light and gentle on the skin. Other oils, such as clove oil B. should not be used clean, as they will be very annoying and the skin may attack.

The essential oils, which must be diluted, are simply mixed in essential oils (almond oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, etc.): the body or the facial or oil massage is ready. A description of the properties of essential oils can be found here:

Oils to self-medicate.

So choose essential oils that appeal to you personally and that suitĀ Trialix Canada your skin needs. Then give it about 25 points in 100 ml of essential oil. This dosage is also ideal for very strong essential oils that have the properties of pure skin irritation. However, if you choose the light essential oils mentioned above, you can increase the dose even more.

Similarly, with a few drops of essential oil of your choice, you can season your facial cream and improve its anti-aging effects. Again, you can dose with 25 points per 100 ml of cream.

Of course, Care Mask is also a great idea to enter into the anti-aging effect of essential oils:



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