A long session makes you sick


If you sit for more than an hour at a time, that has negative effects on your health. However, researchers at Indiana University found that walking five minutes already significantly reduces the risk of disease. Normally, Tevida the characteristics of the ship already take off after 60 minutes up to 50 percent. But if you are walking between five minutes at normal speed, the boat still works at the original level.


The office routine is detrimental to the cardiovascular system.

It is known that stress, irregular work hours and lunch in the cafeteria are not good for your health. But it is often overlooked. Another important factor: the sedentary lifestyle of most professionals.


In a desk job, you can sit all day. So not only does it burn a Tevida CANADA few calories, it also damages blood vessels.


After only an hour, the functions of the ship in the legs are reduced by up to 50 percent. The boats can no longer stretch well. The endothelial function also decreases. Both workers can lead to long-term cardiovascular disease.


It has already been scientifically proven that a prolonged session increases the risk of many diseases. Decreased blood vessel function plays a more important role, but also high cholesterol and increased waist circumference due to lack of exercise contribute to an increased risk of disease.










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