Stress makes you get fat


Under pressure, many people gain weight. This is not new, because with time and pressure it often does not eat well. After a difficult day, you usually do not have the time or nerves to buy healthy foods, let alone Trialix convert them into balanced foods. But this alone is not the reason for the weight gain associated with stress. Scientists at Ohio State University have now discovered why stress can lead to obesity.


In the pressure the calories burn less.

At the Ohio State University (OSU), healthy women¬†Trialix CANADA who are supervised by high-fat diets were evaluated. Before and after the meal, the researchers examined how fast calories burned in a woman’s body, how blood sugar changed, insulin, blood lipids and cortisol levels.


According to the study published in the Journal of Biophysics, people who suffered one or more of the stressful situations of the previous day burned a much lower heating price than those who did not feel pressure 24 hours ago, with 104 calories below 7 hours . To make it clear to researchers: after stress, the body can reduce caloric intake. But not only that.









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