Leave a comment – yes or no?

Leave a comment – yes or no?
Dear readers! We are always very happy with your comments. But we wish us useful comments.

Only then can your comments help other readers. Only then can your comments contribute to the improvement of our articles and our website.

Comments do not match the single phrase is not guaranteed, perhaps – they are expressions of strength embellished – on the level of our website, not the level of most of our readers.

In practice, this will look like this:

I see an article on our page, read the title (for example, “microwave food makes weak” or “white flour makes you creamier”) and I think this does not make sense, I know XY, that you eat white pizza directly from the¬† Trialix¬†microwave every day. It is not a religion, nor weak.

You have already registered to write a comment. And what he writes?

“What a crazy think!” Similarly, common: “What nonsense!”

If we are lucky, do not report XY or yourself or other observations of the direct environment.

However, it is not uncommon to stay in “What nonsense!”

Read articles and studies before posting comments
Just such a comment does not help much. It does not help other readers, and we can better understand their disappointments, or to improve the article in question, if this was really necessary.

But, in fact, the title is read only, in the most introductory part. Therefore, it was impossible for you to make constructive suggestions for improvement.

If you have already read the entire article and studied in places that seemed dubious, even matching studies in our reference, you can see that the article is something that does not make sense, however, very good or Vmahtoyate – if it is not based on the article about scientific evidence – at least exciting to think.

Now you may not feel that you want to read the entire article. It may be too long for you. Or do not like the line. The user can not find the author style.

In this case, you will not be able to write a comment. Because the number of times it occurs in people that comments are asking for things that are discussed in detail in the text – only in this part, did not read the liquid.

It would be good if you understand the degree of discomfort to be always in writing in the responses to the comments: Please refer to the section “Blabla”. There you will find the answer to your question.



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