3. Why do cigarettes burn hard and

3. Why do cigarettes burn hard and evenly, and why do not they go out even in strong winds?
This cellulite acetate is also mentioned above, because it is not “alone” in the cigarette filter, but it is also processed in cigarette paper. They are considered flame retardants.

Of course, to smoke a cigarette, cellulose acetate is used a little less than the filter; just because the cigarette can burn evenly, even in strong winds, the incandescent leg does not go out.

By the way, cellulose acetate also ensures that you do not look at the tremendous heat that arises when you burn the plastic and smoke mixture.

4. Does your breathing relax when you smoke?
Usually, the answer is yes. About 98% of smokers have a special “breathing pattern” when inhaling cigarette smoke, keeping it in the lungs and replanting it.

This is called the smoker’s relaxing moment. This method of breathing differs a lot from normal breathing.

If smokers now becomeĀ magnum trt non-smokers, they completely lack this moment of relaxation. The result is characteristic of withdrawal: creates, at least temporarily, the inability to relax.

But there is a simple trick that helped many smokers to quit smoking. Place two fingers of the “smoker’s hand” as if you were carrying a cigarette to your mouth and inhaling while doing so while smoking.

Hold your breath in your lungs for a few seconds and then exhale, as if you were blowing smoke again. Do this exercise every time you have an infected cigarette before. In this way, you can achieve the usual relaxation without smoking.

5. Do you put your hand in your mouth?
If you are a smoker, the answer is usually yes!

On average, about 20 cigarettes are contained in a box and each cigarette is extracted between 10 and 12 times. Smokers who smoke a box a day, move their hands towards the mouth about 250 times. Therefore, a smoker who smokes two boxes a day performs these rituals about 500 times.

These repetitive movements constantly create a conditioned reflex that continues even if you stop smoking.

This reflection only guarantees that instead of the cigarette suddenly, other things lead to “little things” like “fries”, chocolate sticks, chocolate, etc. Here is the fear that automatically quitting seems to be a few kilograms more in the leading standards.

To face this development, all you need to do is replace these small foods with healthy snacks. In addition to a sip of water or juices, you can access fruits, almonds and walnuts without salt, small rice crackers, dried apple segments or healthy snacks from the organic supermarket. But here, too, of course, you should consume only small amounts.



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