Can you lose weight with

Can you lose weight with black lemon juice?
If you do not take other measures of weight loss (diet change, calorie restriction, exercise, etc.), black lemon juice will not help you lose weight.

Who until now has drank Cola and Fanta & Co. and now wants to become homemade lemonade, must necessarily do so, because you can lose weight even if you have improved sweetened drinks against sweetened or less sweetened. But you should not switch to black lemon juice. Activated carbon is only added if you want to specifically detoxify what you can do well on the road, for example. Good morning.

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Avocado: high speed or ecotourism?

Meanwhile, it has become very common to get some healthy food through the mud. The avocados did not escape the attack of the super food. Although there is nothing out of the ordinary, but from an environmental point of view are highly questionable, it is said. It had to be transported from remote lands and it also needed an incredible amount of water. Is it true that avocados are an environmental disaster? Is it better to stay away from avocados?

Is avocado bad for the environment?
Already in 2016 he wrote the time for a “fairy tale of good avocados” and described exotina as the most questionable pear form. At that time, the author wondered if this period was “very good for the world when the German consumer replaced the pork and butter with the mountain avocado”.

It is true that almost nobody eats the mountain avocado, since you can even prepare a sauce or sauce that mixes fruit with juice or salad with salad, so do not use it as a staple food. In fact, if you want to eat fruit instead of pork and butter, you must make the mountains come out of it.



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