Fattening blocks of

Fattening blocks of magnesium genes.
After discovering the fattening genes, many people believe that excess weight is hereditary and that they themselves can not avoid it. This vision is very practical, since it allows us to continue with our bad habits at the same time that we blame our genes for the weight gain.

However, animal studies have shown that only in those mice that do not receive enough vitamin B, genes have been activated for obesity and, therefore, animals were redundant. However, if they are properly supplied with B vitamins, they remain thin or reoccur.

Therefore, fattening genes are activated only in theĀ Keto Viante presence of deficiency, so that anyone can have a certain effect on the expression of some genes; fattening genes are also found here. By the way, B vitamins can only actively participate in metabolism in the case of magnesium. Without magnesium, B vitamins are impotent, so gene expression can only be affected by the help of magnesium.

Summary: Magnesium helps prevent gene expression of obesity genes. That is, if there is enough magnesium, the existing fattening genes will not activate and may remain insignificant or easily, even if you have fattening genes.

Improve the magnesium potential.
In the case of obesity, it is very important to improve the supply of magnesium, in addition to converting the diet into a basic plus diet. Here are three ways you can meet your magnesium needs in a healthy way.



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